5 Healthy Ways To Gain Weight


Although more people are looking to lose weight, there are actually some who want to add some pounds. If you are underweight due to poor nutrition, other health concerns or are trying to add muscle mass to your body, then here are 5 healthy ways to gain weight:

1. Eat Every 4 Hours At Least

Your body needs to have a constant supply of energy. It is similar to the engine in a car always running. After all your muscles and brain are constantly working, your blood is circulating and your heart is beating at all times. Whenever you do skip a meal, your body is deprived of the fuel that it needs to keep working. This results in a reduced amount of energy and can also result in a loss of muscle mass. Eating regular meals that are spaced around 3 to 5 hours apart is the best thing you can do to prevent the loss of important tissue in your body. Timing your meals is particularly important if you are attempting to gain added muscled tissue. Keep a food journal to see how often you eat. The key here is consistency.

2. Eat Several Foods At The Same Time

You should always aim to consume three food groups at least. Instead of eating just a handful of nuts or a banana, have some whole grain toast topped with banana slices and almond butter, along with a glass of milk. Eating a wider variety of foods will provide your body with a wider spectrum of nutrients that it can use throughout the course of the day.

3. Eat Dense But Healthy Foods

One of the best ways of getting extra nutrition without needing to eat enormous amounts of food is to eat nutrient-rich foods with plenty of fat, protein or carbohydrates in a small serving. One great example of this is dried fruit. Just make sure you eat dried fruits that don’t have any added preservatives or sugar. One very power-packed nourishing snack is to add minced dried fruit, dark chocolate chips and rolled oats to almond butter. Roll them into little balls and eat them as snacks.


4. Drink Your Nutrients And Calories

Liquids don’t tend to be as filling as food, so it can be a good way to add nutrients without feeling bloated or stuffed when you are attempting to gain weight. Good choices include smoothies, milk alternatives (like organic soy), organic skim milk or 100 percent fruit juices. Smoothies are perfect since they can be bolstered with all types of healthy tings, such as protein powder, carrot juice, nut butter and wheat germ.

5. Eat Right Before Going To Bed

Much of our body’s healing, regeneration and repair occurs while we are sleeping. This is when lean tissue and muscle are formed. Therefore having a healthy snack before going to bed provides your body with a fresh, new supply of nutrients. One healthy option is pasta salad made out of whole-grain pasta, with an extra-virgin olive oil vinaigrette, shredded or chopped vegetables, and a lean protein like chopped chicken breast, beans or cheese.

So there you have it! If you follow these healthy ways to gain weight tips, you should be able to add the weight you desire in no time!