Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

If you are underweight, you may have been told by your doctor that you should gain weight. If you are an athlete, you might want to gain weight for any number of reasonseither because you want to join a more competitive weight class for tournaments, or because you want to gain muscle, i znajte da ćete dobiti na težini, kao rezultat stavljanja na ekstra mišićnu masu (recomping – gubi masti dok jača – je vrlo teško uraditi i ne dovode do toga da se primjetno poboljšanje snage za ljude koji su već stane).

tako, šta su sigurne i efikasne načine da dobiju na težini? dobro, sve načine da dobiju na težini prate isti princip – jesti više kalorija nego što koristite na dnevnoj bazi, a vi ćete dobiti na težini, kao rezultat.

Postavlja se pitanje, koliko više kalorija trebali jesti svaki dan, i šta bi trebalo da te kalorije biti u formi?

Ako jedete nezdravu hranu, ćete dobiti na težini, ali mnogo toga će biti debela. Ako jedete dijeta koja je bogata proteinima i zdravih masti, i imaju veliki kalorija viška, onda ćete i dalje dobiti mnogo masti, ali neki mišića zajedno sa njom. Ako pratite taj isti dijeta dok podizanje teških tegova, onda ćete dobiti jači i dobiti mišićnu – kao i masti.

Ako jedete kalorija viška 500+ kalorija dnevno u odnosu na svoj ukupni dnevni potrošnje energije, onda ćete dobiti masti, even if you are lifting heavy weights at the same time. The fat gain is, sadly, unavoidable. Eating at Eating a smaller calorie surplus might help you to gain more muscle and less fat, but there will always be some fat gain.

Some people simply don’t have large appetites, and they find that they struggle to eat enough calories to really gain weightbut you can get around this by using protein shakes and mass gainers, and even by drinking smoothies to get extra calories.

Indeed, strength coach Mark Rippetoe recommends that people who are looking to get strong drink a gallon of milk a day to support the calorie intake that he believes a novice should have while they are engaged in a strength training programme. This isn’t something that you could sustain for very long periods of time, but for a young man who is looking to gain serious muscle mass, it could be an option.

It really depend son why you are trying to gain weight, your current body composition and weight, your age, your gender, and your current level of fitness.

If you are recovering from an eating disorder, for example, then your path is going to be different to someone who is just looking to gain a little weight during pregnancy. If you have any concerns or aren’t sure what to do, then talk to your doctor first before changing your lifestyle.