Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

As do bist underweight, hawwe Jo faaks is ferteld troch jo dokter, dat jo moatte krije gewicht. As do bist in sporter, jo miskien wol te krijen gewicht foar eltse oantal redenen – òf omdat jo wolle by in mear kompetitive gewicht klasse foar toernoaien, of omdat jo wolle krijen muscle, and know you will gain weight as a result of putting on that extra muscle mass (recompinglosing fat while getting strongeris very hard to do and doesn’t tend to result in noticeable strength gains for people that are already fit).

So, what are safe and effective ways to gain weight? Well, all ways to gain weight follow the same principleeat more calories than you use on a day to day basis, and you will gain weight as a result.

The question is, how many more calories should you eat each day, and what should those calories be in the form of?

If you eat junk food, you will gain weight, but a lot of it will be fat. If you eat a diet that is rich in protein and healthy fats, and have a large calorie surplus, then you will still gain a lot of fat, but some muscle along with it. If you follow that same diet while lifting heavy weights, then you will get stronger and gain muscleas well as fat.

If you eat a calorie surplus of 500+ calories per day compared to your total daily energy expenditure, then you will gain fat, sels as jo it opheffen swiere gewichten tagelyk. It fet winst is, sadly, unavoidable. Eating at Eating a smaller calorie surplus might help you to gain more muscle and less fat, mar der sil altyd wol wat fet gewin.

Guon minsken gewoan net hawwe grutte begearten, en se fine dat se stride te iten genôch calorieën om echt krije gewicht – mar jo kinne krije om dit troch mei help fan aaiwyt shakes en massa gainers, en sels by it drinken fan smoothies te krijen ekstra calorieën.

Yndied, strength coach Mark Rippetoe recommends that people who are looking to get strong drink a gallon of milk a day to support the calorie intake that he believes a novice should have while they are engaged in a strength training programme. This isn’t something that you could sustain for very long periods of time, but for a young man who is looking to gain serious muscle mass, it could be an option.

It really depend son why you are trying to gain weight, your current body composition and weight, your age, your gender, and your current level of fitness.

If you are recovering from an eating disorder, for example, then your path is going to be different to someone who is just looking to gain a little weight during pregnancy. As jo ​​gjin soargen of net wis wat te dwaan, dan praat mei jo dokter earst foardat wizigjen fan jo libbenswize.