Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

If you are underweight, you may have been told by your doctor that you should gain weight. If you are an athlete, you might want to gain weight for any number of reasonseither because you want to join a more competitive weight class for tournaments, or because you want to gain muscle, and know you will gain weight as a result of putting on that extra muscle mass (recompinglosing fat while getting strongeris very hard to do and doesn’t tend to result in noticeable strength gains for people that are already fit).

So, what are safe and effective ways to gain weight? Well, all ways to gain weight follow the same principleeat more calories than you use on a day to day basis, and you will gain weight as a result.

The question is, how many more calories should you eat each day, 並應這些熱量是怎樣的形式?

如果你吃垃圾食品, 你會長胖, 但它的很多會胖. 如果你吃的飲食含有豐富的蛋白質和健康脂肪, 並有大量過剩的卡路里, 那麼你仍然會得到大量的脂肪, 但隨之一些肌肉. 如果你遵循同樣的飲食,同時抬起重物, 那麼你會變得更加強壯,增加肌肉 – 以及脂肪.

如果你吃的熱量過剩 500+ 每天的熱量比你的每日總能量消耗, 那麼你會長胖, 即使你是在同一時間舉起重物. 脂肪增益, 可悲的是, unavoidable. Eating at Eating a smaller calorie surplus might help you to gain more muscle and less fat, 但總會有一些脂肪增加.

有些人根本就沒有胃口大, 他們發現,他們的鬥爭吃足夠的熱量真的長胖 – 但你可以通過使用蛋白質奶昔和質量漲幅居前解決這個問題, 甚至通過喝果汁來獲得額外的卡路里.

確實, 體能教練馬克·裡彭托建議,誰正在尋找的人得到濃酒一加侖的牛奶,每天以支持熱量的攝入,他認為新手應該有,而他們從事力量訓練計劃. 這是不是你可以承受的時間非常長的時期, 但對於一個年輕的男子是誰希望獲得嚴重的肌肉質量, 它可能是一種選擇.

這真的取決於兒子為什麼你想長胖, 您目前的身體成分和重量, 你的年齡, 你的性別, and your current level of fitness.

If you are recovering from an eating disorder, for example, then your path is going to be different to someone who is just looking to gain a little weight during pregnancy. If you have any concerns or aren’t sure what to do, then talk to your doctor first before changing your lifestyle.