Best Ways To Gain Weight Healthily


While the spotlight is often given to problems with losing weight, there are also those that struggle to put it on. A myriad of issues may be present, including everything from abnormally fast metabolisms to health disorders and even body dysmorphia. While it may seem effortless to pack on extra pounds for some, people suffering along those lines often find it incredibly difficult to get the process started. If you’re in this particular boat — or even merely interested in packing on weight to build muscle — the tips below will show you some of the best ways to gain weight while still remaining healthy.

1 – Stay Away From Junk Food

While undoubtedly brimming with fat and calories, there’s little nutritional value to be found from junk food. Anything from snack cakes to chips and fast food should be avoided at all costs. Make sure you read all of the labels of any food you buy. If you see refined sugars and a bunch of additives and preservatives like high fructose corn syrup, you should leave that product behind. If you want to gain weight without it causing even more health problems, stick to natural foods instead.

2 – Find Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Your resting metabolic rate should help you gauge exactly how fast you’re likely to burn calories. You can find this by multiplying your weight (in kg rather than lbs) 10 times. Then multiply your height (in cm rather than inches) by 6.25 and add the two calculations together. If you’re a female, you’ll need to calculate 5 times your current age and subtract that by 161 less than the second calculation. Males need to add 5 to 5 times their age. It sounds convoluted, but this will help you know exactly how many calories you’re going to need every day to stay ahead.


3 – Eat Throughout The Day

Alongside eating more than you burn, you need to make sure you’re eating all throughout the day. Six small meals will keep your blood sugar level in check and your metabolism healthy. If you just eat everything one or two huge chunks, you can likely throw all of that off and cause some major problems for yourself. Avoid skipping meals at all costs, and have simple snacks like yogurt or granola bars on hand to tide you over if you can’t prepare anything more substantial when needed.

With that, you should know have a firm idea of the best ways to gain weight without affecting your overall health in a detrimental fashion. It’s all about consistency from there. If you find you’re still struggling after some time however, you may want to consult with a nutritionist or even a personal trainer. Your doctor may be able to offer some much needed advice and point you in the right direction as well. As long as you stick to it, you’ll likely be able to leave your problems putting on the extra weight you need far behind.