bodybuilding Basics: Wadancan kwararru Amfani


Duk iya gina tsoka. Za ka iya tunanin ba shi yiwuwa, amma wannan abu da aiki ga wasu za su yi aiki a gare ku,. A key shi ne don koyi game da mafi muhimmanci al'amurran da tsoka ci gaba da shan amfani da duk samuwa bayanai. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your bodybuilding program.

Wasu mutane kuskure jaddada gudun kan dabara yayin da aiki daga. Form and technique are extremely important in weight training and it is always better to go slow and focus on form, rather than speeding through a workout. Don’t rush, and focus on doing each rep with proper form.

Duk kokarin girma har za bukatar cinye mafi kullum da adadin kuzari, overall. You should increase your diet enough to gain around one pound per week. Think about different ways to increase your intake of calories. Do this for two weeks, and if you still don’t see a weight change, you might want to increase the intake even more.

Strength Training Exercises

Recognize that the requirements of serious bodybuilding and intense cardiovascular exercise (kamar gudun fanfalaki horo) are not compatible. Although cardio can help improve your general physical health and fitness, it can negate the effects of strength training exercises. Strength training exercises are the best way to increase muscle mass.

Cool down with a short stretching routine to ensure that your muscles start the repair process from a healthy point. People under the age of 40 Ya kamata rike stretches don m 30 seconds. Mutanen da suka kasance a kan shekaru 40 Ya kamata rike stretches don m 60 seconds. This way you’ll be less likely to become injured as you complete your exercises.

Consuming a sufficient amount of protein is a significant factor in building muscle. A da kyau hanya don samun duk na gina jiki da ake bukata shi ne ya cinye kari da kuma gina jiki shakes. These are wonderful to have after a workout, as well as right before you go to sleep. If you are looking to shed pounds while you are trying to gain muscle, consume around one per day. On the contrary, if mass as well as muscle is your goal, you can drink up to three of these per day.

Tip! If you want to be successful at building muscle, you need to consume enough carbohydrates. Carbs are the fuel that your body uses to power itself through exercise routines.

Lookbiggerthan you really are. Concentrate on training your upper back, chest and shoulders to get this effect. A bulkier upper body will make your waist appear smaller by comparison, giving you more impressive proportions.

Many people make the mistake of increasing their protein consumption as soon as they begin a muscle development regimen. Wannan zai iya haifar da matsanancin caloric ci wanda, idan ba lissafi da karin motsa jiki, na iya haifar da mai riba. Sannu a hankali kara gina jiki ci, game da 200 da adadin kuzari da kullum, kuma za ka sami mai yawa mafi alhẽri chances na gina tsoka.

Staying Hydrated

To supplement your muscle building in the gym, make sure your diet includes high protein foods. Protein is a primary building block for muscle. Not consuming enough of it can actually cause your muscles to deteriorate, which ruins your purpose of trying to bulk up in the first place. You should eat one gram of protein for each pound you weigh.

Tip! Muscle building isn’t just about getting ripped. Just as there are many body types, many degrees of muscle building exist.

Staying hydrated is important to proper muscle development. If you’re not staying hydrated, there is a greater risk of injury to your muscles. Muscles which lack hydration will also appear smaller, will make it less likely to build mass, and keep you from your goals.


Your caloric intake has to be high enough. Check out some of the online calculators available to determine the number of calories necessary for you to gain a certain amount of muscle. Utilize one of them, and then change your diet around to include enough protein, carbohydrates, and various other nutrients that your body needs to increase muscle mass.

Eating protein rich foods both before and after exercising has got to be one of the most important things as you’re trying to build up your muscle mass. A good measure is to take in 15 grams a half hour before you train and 15 grams after you are done. 15 grams of protein is equal to about two cups of milk.

When lifting weights, it’s alright to cheat now and then. If you use more of your body to get a few extra reps into your workout then you are increasing the output of your workout. But do not make that an excuse to cheat on all of your reps! Maintain a rep speed that is controlled. You should never compromise your form.

Tip! If bulking up is appealing to you, then concentrate on squatting, dead lifting and bench presses. By doing these exercises, you will build muscles and get in shape fast.

Keep an eye on your calorie consumption when trying to build good muscle. There are good calories and bad ones, so it’s important to know which ones promote muscle growth and which ones hinder it. Working out while eating a bad diet won’t build muscle. Instead, it will cause you to become obese.

When you are trying to build muscle, make sure your diet is full of whole, fresh foods. Prepackaged foods are normally full of preservatives and chemicals which harm your immunity. Eating in a healthy manner is a great way to improve your immunity.

Use variety in your gripping when focusing on the back. Grip the weight bar with a staged or mixed grip position when performing deadlifts and rack pulls, to achieve a varied workout and better overall results. The grip that is staggered gives a twist in one direction and the underhand grip gives a twist to the opposite direction. Using these grips will prevent rolling of the bar in your hands.

When building muscle, ensure that you are getting the correct caloric intake. There are good calories and bad calories, and you need to know the difference. If you don’t eat correctly, you’ll gain fat instead of muscle.

Tip! Do not load up on weight during every exercise, because not every position is favorable for heavy lifting. Split squats, neck work and dips can put your joints in uncomfortable positions that can result in injury.

Building muscle is as much mental as it is physical. Include the strategies from this guide into any work out or exercise plan that you have, and it should work wonders for you. If you have good information and effective techniques, you too can build muscle like a pro.