The Easiest Way To Gain Weight Without Harm


If you’re underweight, trying to recover from an illness related weight loss, or merely trying to bulk up, you may be left scratching head as to what you can do to add the extra pounds in a healthy manner. It’s easy enough to try to gorge yourself as much as possible on as many fatty foods as possible, but doing so will only cause further complications. Fortunately, there are a handful of safe ways to go about adding a few inches to your waistline. With that said, the easiest way to gain weight without harm to your overall health relies on the following:

1 – Eat Every 4 Hours

The human body is in optimal shape when it’s receiving a constant source of energy. All of the vital organs depend upon a steady intake of food and water to draw from. Even your mental health relies upon this greatly. If you skip out on meals — or even merely stick to the common 2 to 3 meals per day plan — you’re essentially denying your body the fuel that it desperately craves.

To make up for this, your body will dip into anythingleft in the tank”, so to speak, and that often effects your ability to hold onto muscle mass. You should try to eat at least 6 moderately sized meals each day if you want to pack on weight naturally. The regular schedule will keep your metabolism going just enough not to send you too far in the wrong direction.

2 – Include Multiple Food Groups In Your Meals


One of the biggest mistakes people make when preparing healthy meals is skimping on the variety. You shouldn’t be having just a piece of fruit or a single type of vegetable. Try to have a few handfuls of both, alongside rich protein sources such as meat, beans, or nuts, and dairy as well.

3 – Get More Nutrients From Your Drinks

Alongside plenty of water, you’ll also want to drink organic milk, fruit juice, and smoothies. Liquids are naturally not as filling as solids. You can easily enjoy these between your meals to make sure your caloric intake is high enough to lead to useful weight gain. You should definitely get a blender and learn to make your own smoothies as well. That way, you can throw in any vegetable, fruit, and supplements such as protein powder to get the most benefit.

The tips above undoubtedly make up the easiest way to gain weight without causing further problems for yourself down the line. There are other options you might want to try as well, including eating before bed and eating the densest foods you can. If you want to play it safe however, consider consulting with a doctor or nutrition specialist before making any major changes to your diet. As long as you go about it in a smart way and work your way up to your goal weight gradually, you shouldn’t have any long term repercussions to worry about.